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Our family’s dream of migrating into this country started over 80 years ago. We, like so many other Italians, set out on an adventure for a better life in America. It is out of this quest that “Nonna’s Table” was created. We thought, “what better way to share our story than with our food!” Food is a window into a family’s life and culture. Our food is an invitation for you to join us on life’s journey together. The vision of Nonna’s Table is to bond families, bridge our communities and help the world become a better place! It is an honor to share with you our love of life, family, God and country with great food inspired by Nonna’s Table – “Where Everyone is Family”


The Nonna's Table Family


Made with “a little of this, a little of that!”, Nonna’s fourth-generation “Calabrese” recipe is home-crafted with generous amounts of love, one meal at a time.

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